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Art Director (Malmö)

Art Director (Malmö)

Would you rather saw off your left hand with a plastic spork than use Comic Sans? Do you take everything personal when it is about your work? Do you loathe all things considered mainstream? Do you own several shirts with cats on them? Do you believe that everything evil in this world can be attributed to bad kerning?
If so, read on superstar! We are looking for an awesome skillz0r designer for Prisjakt´s marketing department!

Competence is all about looking the part


Note: Many companies today find talent by a process known as competence based recruitment. We believe in the direct opposite - stereotype based recruitment (™pending). It means that we expect that if you look and act in a certain way you will be the right person for the job. Right now we are looking for an advertising designer.

Is this you?

Stereotypical Profile: Regardless of gender you are probably someone who wears black rim glasses, have several tattoos and perform lots of sarcastic eyerolls on an average day. If you’re a guy you have meticolous facial hair and wear v-necks all the time. If you’re a girl you have dyed your hair red or pitch black. You’re either a full on vegan or have the diet of a T-Rex.
(And also, you get this picture within 3 seconds):



The Typical workday will consist of

  • Fighting non-designers who constantly ask you “How about if you make it bigger?”.
  • Leading the creative work visually
  • Working on an advertising brief to conceptualize effective and engaging advertising campaigns. You will move around colorful Post-its on a daily basis.
  • Create campaigns with focus on brand building, user acquisition, retention and app downloads.
  • Create visual design templates for digital marketing channels e.g. banners, social media, email marketing and other advertising material.
  • Production of advertising material. Yes, you are allowed to use crayons.
  • Work with the marketing team, including CMO, Head of Analytics, Social Media Manager, Search Engine Marketing Manager, Marketing Communication Manager and Graphic Designer to reach company goals (all of them will probably stand behind you most of the time giving unsolicited instructions like “Try moving that pixel down a little bit?”).
  • Collaborate with UX designers on marketing design for the site in order to create a consistent user experience. Based on our history you will likely have many heated debates about determining the right shade of blue.

Illustration: The typical creative process 

Your Kung Fu

  • Creative experience to conceptualize advertisement from a brief
  • Thou shalt have no other gods before Adobe
  • Hands on visual experience with digital advertising
  • Video production
  • Relevant education within visual communication
  • Understanding of design optimization from a performance marketing perspective and working with a branded visual guide
  • Attention to detail and strong visualization skills
  • Basic copywriting in Swedish


  • Basic copywriting in English
  • Experience from an online consumer brand
  • Knowledge of HTML
  • You wear a variety of big scarfs
  • You know Sketch

Your diagnoses

  • Passion for marketing in general and digital media in particular. Nerdy about digital trends and like to work in a fast paced industry. You probably spend more time on dribbble than with your kid/spouse/partner/pug.
  • You likely possess a dynamic range of emotions. Relaxed like an overripe banana two weeks before deadline but wound up like a rabid pitbull terrier the day before said delivery.
  • Creative and eager to test new visual strategies for more effective advertisement (you think it’s fun to stay at the C.M.Y.K).
  • You get most of your nutrition from coffee and irony.
  • You have a balanced personality and understand that life is not #000000 or #FFFFFF. 

Don't miss our culture book about what it's like to work at Prisjakt: http://bit.ly/2fPgXeB

Location Malmø

Full Time employment (we will provide the spork)

<Mandatory Business jargon section> 

You will be serving Prisjakt’s 8 markets. You will be in charge of conceptualising and designing marketing campaigns for online marketing, both from a performance marketing and brand building perspective. Your visual design will be seen hundreds of millions times every month for a brand experiencing strong growth. 

Prisjakt is part of Schibsted Media, an international media group, engaging 200+ million people worldwide. 
</Mandatory Business jargon section>







Join the bright side

Eller vet du någon som skulle passa ännu bättre? Berätta för dem.

Arbetsplats och kultur

Att prata företagskultur är något av det roligaste vi vet. Vi har faktiskt så mycket att säga om vår egen kultur att vi skrivit en bok i ämnet. Innan du söker jobb hos oss tycker vi att du ska läsa Prisjakt CultureBook. Den beskriver allt från vår värdegrund och vision till våra olika policys och principer. Dessutom innehåller den en stor dos humor och gifs. Gillar du den så kommer du gilla oss.

På tal om värdegrund så är den mycket mer än några dekorativa posters på en vägg för oss på Prisjakt. Den betyder något (på riktigt) och bygger på de tre begreppen trovärdighet, kompetens och acceptans. Den genomsyrar allt vi gör, både vad gäller tjänsten i sig och hur vi är som arbetsgivare. 

En av våra främsta och kanske viktigaste principer är att du ska kunna vara dig själv här. Du är lika välkommen i kavaj som i unicornhoodie - så länge du lämnar skorna i hallen.

Jobbar du redan på Prisjakt?

Var med i rekryteringen och hitta din nästa kollega!


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